Shine & Brillance Wax

PREZZO: € 9.00


Styling product ideal for creating shine and a striking look with natural movement and which lasts. Wax ideal as a basic tool, to create a glossy, stand-out look not given by natural fixative resins, but the waxy matrix. The right amount gives regular style that stays but does not completely eliminate the natural movement of the hair, clothing it in a film that protects from the environment and from aggressive drying. The shine effect and softness is assured by a special silicone wax, which thouroughly coats the hair, eliminating static electricity and gives a velvety touch, soft and smooth. The particular emulsion with its micromolecular perfection, creates a sound effect as if you simply tapped your fingers on the package.


Start with a small amount of wax applied by hand, knead and apply on the hair starting from the tips. The product can be used on wet or dry hair, before or after the finish.